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Vietnam Shipping Gazette - Weekly Shipping Schedule

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10 Years Create A Media Leader

Vietnam Shipping Gazette (VSG) is a leading media on foreign trade transport and logistics in Vietnam. Over the past 10 plus years, feeling duty bounded to promote the progress of Vietnamese shipping and logistics, it has been closely following the latest trends of both domestic and international freight markets, issue accurate supply & demand information of the highest authority and become a strong connection cord between transportation companies and import export companies.  With rich human resources, complete information channels, wide spread distribution networks and stable reader groups, it has gained extensive recognition with the Vietnam freight industry, and become the first choice for various carriers and service suppliers in the display of their business image and the show of their market development abilities.  

Vietnam Shipping Gazettes Readers:

Vietnam Shipping Gazette provides rich and timely reports on latest domestic and foreign shipping policies and regulations, hot events, sea/land/air freight and logistics trends, world wide shipping schedules, second-leg shipping announcements, and carriers’ professional abilities and unique strengths etc under such columns as Spotlight, Shipping News, Shipping Jobs, Trucking Market…etc, and has become a necessary tool book for port operators, ship owners, freight forwarders, shippers and securities research institutes and so on.

65% of subscribers:  over 50,000 import export companies in 15 industrial parks in Vietnam

35% of advertisement: shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistics in Vietnam

Highlighted Features

Provides Import/Export shipping schedules
Carrier's sailing service
Shipping news
Directories of shipper, liner and logistics service providers
Port index
Shipper guide
Shipping Glossary
Shipping Jobs
Trucking Market
Company Introduction
Direct Shipper Rate Inquiry (FCL, LCL).