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MOL Consolidation Service (Vietnam) Co., Ltd (MCS) Official Opening On 15th November 2018

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 01:19

On 15th November, MOL Consolidation Service (Vietnam) had officially opened, being the Grand opening in Vietnam. Getting this chance, Vietnam Shipping Gazette had the exclusive interview with Mr. Michael Goh – Chief Executive Officer of MCS

Q: MOL is one of the top shipping lines in the world. Could you please tell us about your ideas on the combination of the digitalization and e-commerce on your services?

Technology such as e-commerce has been MOL's initiative since the era of digitalization emerged. MOL is a 130+ year old company so we continuously strive to go along with the changing business environment that demands us to be competitive. For many years, we have been operating and dealing with customers, vendors and our partners on a global scale hence digitalization such as e-commerce is vital and an important aspect of our business. Inter-connectivity is a key to success in e-commerce.

Q: What do you think about the Alibaba - e-commerce B2B joining in the supply chain business and cooperation with some top shipping lines? Does it influence into your plan to increase the market share globally and in Vietnam ?

We do not have direct relations with Alibaba but we do look at the Alibaba model of their B2B e-commerce supply chain process. MCS does have a similar “fulfillment model”, which is a value added service that provides a comprehensive total supply chain solution to our customers. We can say that our concept is similar with the Alibaba B2B e-commerce model.

Q: What do you think about with the trends in the global supply chains, joining to blockchain platform?MOL Consolidation Service (Vietnam) will join in this trend too and apply it in Vietnam?

Blockchain platform has been there although we can say that full adaptation is still premature from our perspective. As far as MCS is concern, there are two candidate modules that suit our business as far as blockchain is concern. We do run pilot programs on blockchain related to Document Repository and Invoicing. Our interest and key focus at this point will be on document versions, historical data, data security and data reliability. We see many companies today using blockchain but only as a marketing scheme, while we believe that blockchain would be more beneficial and advantageous if we are able to link it with our operator partners i.e. truckers, carriers, banks and customer platforms etc.

Q: Could you please tell us your ideas on global and Vietnam future trade, and its influences on the logistics/supply chain industry?

Amongst the ASEAN countries, we see that Vietnam together with Cambodia and Myanmar, remains in a positive position for robust growth. Although we have seen some slowdown in recent years, we expect that the emerging ASEAN markets including Vietnam are expected to regain momentum in the coming years. We expect Vietnam will lead its growth momentum driven by the improvements in domestic consumption, rising foreign investments and continued growth in manufacturing exports. The historical business and economic track record indicates that Vietnam remains to be a big potential market for growth which will surely influence the  logistics and supply chain industry to move along with it. In addition, Vietnam could potentially benefit from the escalating China-U.S. trade war. The Southeast Asian nation could be a "winner" if a lot of foreign direct investment shifts into Vietnam due to rising cost pressures from the U.S.-China tariffs. China might start to shift a lot more of its production to Vietnam. This is the inevitable and possible trend we see.

Q: As the global supply chain company, could you say something about company plan in next 5 years? Does MOL Consolidation Service plan to build the distribution centre like Schenker, Gemadept…to complete your chain?

Our aim is to continue to be a leading global supply chain company. We continue to expand to integrate our business portfolio as a 'one stop shop' global logistics provider. Most recently, we have launched the establishment of MOL Worldwide Logistics (MWL) last October 1 which is our non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) arm in the MOL group. We continue to explore more business opportunities to enhance and to bring value to our customers' through innovative and customized supply chain solutions for general cargo transport with top quality services.

Q: What are your commitments or MOL Consolidation Service (Vietnam) to customers in near future to reduce Vietnam logistics cost as per Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc instruct in the decision No. 200/QĐ-TTG last time?

MCS is committed to be cost competitive to ensure that we bring service value to our customers. We always make effort and work closely with our local front offices to ensure that our cost is well in line with the service we provide. The company actively seizes opportunities to contribute to global economic growth and development. We value an open and visible management style guided by the highest of ethical and social standards and maintains strict operating standards.

Thank you for your interview and congratulations on your Grand Opening.