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SASTECO sustainable development under pressure of relocation2017

Thursday, 31 August 2017 01:39

Facing harsh demands from market, enterprises should keep improve their quality for better competition abilities. Not away from the trend, Saigon Stevedoring Company (Sasteco) keeps changing in the progress of development and thus, receives prestige from its customers.

Innovation guideline

Sasteco is a unit being given priority to operate and to be in charge of stevedoring, forwarding and packaging cargo at ports and routes belonging to Saigon Port. Besides Saigon Port area where accounts for 55% of annual income with operations of production and services, the company has expanded its market shares to other ports and berths in the area of HCMC (Ben Nghe port, Tan Thuan Dong port, Vegetable Port…);  in the Mekong Delta; in the area of Cai Mep- Thi Vai, Phu My, Ba Ria- Vung Tau (SSIT, ODA Thi Vai, TCOT); and Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant, Tra Vinh.

As an important chain in sea port services, with the professionally- trained staff, Sasteco always provide customers with the most effective and professional services. Its service quality keeps being improved and thus brings more prestige to shippers and gives them a good image of Sasteco- a shippers and shipping agencies’ choice for stevedoring and forwarding…

In the reality that local sea port transport has been being developed to reduce workload for road transport, the company has had specific guideline to improve their abilities on sea port services. In the short- term strategy, it has invested in new equipment to replace old one, improve existing equipment to meet customers’ demands, and makes good use of its advantages in bidding for providing services at Phu My, BR-VT and at other regions. In long- term strategy, it will gradually involve in activities of branding and logistics activities: leasing equipment, maritime services, expand to new areas, together with cooperate with qualified partners to satisfy customers’ demands.

Besides business targets, environment protection and community support is of the company’s concerns. Sasteco has had social works: charity work and helping those in need, mostly aiming at laborers in the company.

Sustainable development

In Shareholders’ meeting 2016 report, the company had 132.46% of income and 223.21% of pre-tax profit year- over- year. For the coming time, Sasteco keeps maintaining its strength in the market of sea port services- the market becoming tougher and tougher, requiring providers to satisfy customers’ demands.

To make sure the relocation of Saigon port as scheduled, Sasteco has moved its office to the new address- 115, Street no.8, Nam Long Residential, Tan Thuan Ward, HCMC since May 29th, 2017. So far the company has completed its human resource plan: over 400 laborers quit job has been offered job-leaving support in accordance to the Decision 46/2010/ QĐ- TTg. And the company still maintains its staff for carrying container services, equipment, leasing services and its satellite units for carrying out bulk cargo and container services.

To meet customers’ needs, Sasteco has had closed cooperation with satellite units to make sure there is enough staff for service in the area of Saigon Port and HCMC. It also associates with PWT Company and other satellite units to provide services at ports in Phu My, BR-VT and focuses on providing services at Duyen Hai Thermal Power Plant, Tra Vinh. It tries to reduce cost when biding for providing services at the area.

With particular plans, proper guidelines and innovations to catch up with trends of development, Sasteco is able to confirm its competition abilities in front of even bigger competitors. Making good use of its inner force and modern technology, Sasteco is becoming a leading company in the field of sea port services.