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Lach Huyen Port Project: Good disbursement, Ahead of contruction schedule

Friday, 19 May 2017 08:58

After completion of the most difficult item is embankment breakwater, so far, many items at the Lach Huyen international port project is fast approaching the destination.  After 4 years of construction, all the packages are guaranteed plan, even, many main packages have been ahead of schedule.

With the strength of marine economy, Lach Huyen International Port will be the cargo clearance gate for the entire North and the whole country.After completion, the port will accommodate large vessels of 80,000 DWT fully loaded and 100,000 DWT underload, with cargo output of 12.1-13.8 million tons per year. The project is invested more than $ 1 billion under PPP form (public-private partnership).The project consists of two components, component A, which is invested by the Ministry of Transport, which includes such items as embellishment, treatment of weak soil, protective embankments, retaining walls, dredging channels. Funds for implementation are ODA loans (Japan) and counterpart fund of the Government of Vietnam. Component B of Hai Phong International Container Port Co., Ltd is the investor of the project, including the construction of the surface of the beach, two berths and the dredging of the waterfront in front of the terminal (newly started in May 2016).

Busy at the site

According to Mr.Nguyen Ngoc Quang, Deputy Director General of the Marine Project Management Unit (PMU), the Ministry of Transport,due to its special characteristics, in the rainy season in Hai Phong wave is very high, therefore, the process of constructing the Lach Huyen international port project at a distance of 17 nautical miles is not easy.Geotextile bags pumped sand into the embankments of the waves, but with the capacity and experience of international construction, Penta-Toa contractors have successfully implemented (package 6) A breakwater, embankment embankment, embankment, weak soil treatment. The progress of this package is 93% ahead of 3 months.

Package 10 consists of 2, 5 km of breakwaters and 7.6 km of sand barrier newly constructed by the Toa corporation under construction for less than 2 years but reached 36% of the total workload.Currently, the contractor is expeditiously deploying items for rockfill, fabrication and installation of prefabricated concrete components, dredging of the foundation of the breakwater ... However, due to the design adjustment and great influence Because of unfavorable weather conditions, we are accelerating to complete the progress" Mr.Quang said.

Not only the two main packages, at the package No. 8, 9, engineer Nguyen Tat Nham, head of the PMU 2, the management board said that the dredging of 7.3 km channel depth -14m depth 160m and the basin diameter 660m (package 8) by the contractor Toyo Construction Co., Ltd has been under construction for less than 1 year but has reached 31% of the total volume, although before, the construction volume has arisen 2.19 million m3 / 14 million m3… On the construction site, the contractor continuously mobilizes four foreign cruise ships, six domestic vessels and 30 barges, 1 domestic trailing suction hopper dredger and 1 foreign  trailing suction hopper dredger to deploy the dredging of the basin and  halfway east. “ Even more, the contractor is also expected to mobilize another 7,000 m3 domestic vacuum vessel by the end of March 2017 and a 13,000 m3 foreign vacuum vessel in June 2017. Be sure to exceed the schedule, "said Mr. Nham.

Mr. Nham also said that at the package No.9, dredging 10 km deep -14m channel and 160m width by the joint project Penta-Rinkai was implemented less than 1 year but has reached 44 % Plan, ahead of schedule one month.  . The contractor has mobilized a fleet of foreign shredders (SUEZ 3 with a capacity of 8,800 PS) with 3 pushers and 3 barges open at the bottom of 8,000 m3. In addition, there are 3 buckets and 7 barges in the water to speed up the construction progress " said Mr.Nham.

Disbursement always reaches 100% of the assigned capital plan

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang said that at present, the capital allocated to the project is not lacking.  Particularly in 2016, the construction and installation debt is about 1,000 billion, but in 2017, the project has been arranged 3,350 billion of foreign capital and 180 billion of reciprocal capital. Therefore, the PMU is re-planning the detailed disbursement plan for the contractor. "From the beginning of the project, disbursement always reaches 100% of the assigned capital plan. Specifically, package 1 disbursed reached 256.4 billion, package 6 reached 2.718 billion, package 8 reached 863 billion, package 9 reached 1.242, 3 billion, package 10 reached 1.007.4 billion" Said Mr. Quang.

Regarding component B, Quang said that the PMU is working closely with Hai Phong International Container Port Co., Ltd. to soon build two wharves. At present, PMU has handed over the waterfront to the wharf and part of the container yard so that component B could be implemented.

In addition, the PMUand contractors under component A held weekly coordination meetings with the Employer and component B Contractors to jointly resolve the problems. At the same time, in order to ensure maritime safety, the PMB has requested that the regulating stations (under component A) provide support and guidance for regulating land use vehicles of component B in case of necessity. . Mr. Quang said that with the sharp acceleration in disbursement and construction, the progress of the project is very positive, ready to finish in May 2018, completed basically in August/2019.

Source: baomoi