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Slow progress, the navigable party dredging project will be withdraw

Thursday, 04 May 2017 01:32

In the near future, many projects of socialization of dredging navigational channels will be revoked license due to slow progress, not ensure the environmental factors as well as construction capacity.

Slow progress on many projects

According to a report of the Vietnam Maritime Bureau, up to now, this unit has received 42 documents for registration of dredging, maintenance and construction of storm shelters in the form of productive socialization Products, not using the government budget (socialization project). Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration Nguyen Xuan Sang said that many socialization projects have been implemented as well as filing, the progress of construction is very slow. The Vietnam Maritime Administration has written the warning as well as issued the necessary warning.
‘In the near future, if these projects are still in slow progress and fail to comply with regulations, they will definitely be stopped. These are strong measures needed to rectify the socialization of dredging navigational channels, "Sang said.

According to statistics, out of 15 projects under construction only 1-2 projects have been in use. Particularly, these social projects of dredging vũng quay, mooring, transshipment storm shelter in the upstream of Thi Vai river, Dong Nai by the Investment Construction Trade Corporation Tan Thang and social project of Cua Gianh fairways dredging, mooring were constructed by Linh Thanh Investment and Trade JSC, Quang Binh.

The remaining projects which are in warning status is stopped. For instance, the social project of Le Mon fairways dredging in Thanh Hoa Province, invested by Thang Long Investment and Trade Joint Stock Company and implement schedule 2016 to 2020. In the first phase from 2016 to 2017, the volume of dredging is estimated at 1.8 million m3. In the next phases the standard dredging of channel -4.5m will be implemented till 2020 , with the total investment of nearly 50 billion VND

The social project of Cua Hoi, Ben Thuy dredging is invested by Golden Dawn Vina Joint Stock Company with the 4-year implement schedule, from 2014-2018.The volume of dredging is estimated at 3.5 million m3. From the date of implementation to October, 2015, more than 590 thousand m3 has been dredged after suspended construction, the investor has the right to adjust the project, the remaining volume of dredging is over 2.9 million m3. After a period of pause due to rain storms, Vietnam Maritime Bureau requires the investment unit to continue to implement the project, the dredging volume of 1.5 million from buoy P0- P5 must be completed from now to 30th October. However, investors are now pausing the project to apply for an export extension license.

Similarly, Cua Viet channel dredging project is invested by BKG Investment JSC. The unit is also requesting a temporary postponement of construction due to rain and storms from February. However, the Vietnam Maritime Bureau has ordered the investor unit to continue to implement the project from April. If any non-compliance with the regulations, the project is forced to be stopped. Currently, this project has dredged more than 250 thousand m3. The volume is too low in comparison with the approved number-  over 1.8 million m3.

Letting back the project is not allowed

In fact, investors often expressed great determination to sign contract. However, the duration of implementation is prolonged for various reasons such as unfavorable weather, local conditions do not facilitate ...Taking the project of Le Mon dredging as a sample, it is just one moth from the date of signing contract, the investor has sent report can not perform this period for the reasons that monsoon and storm. Therefore, investors have rescheduled contract guarantee until the time Thanh Hoa province approved the registration for full collection.

It is similar to the project of dredging Cua Hoi and Cua Viet channels. Investors took the reason of rainstorm to stop construction for a long time, so the progress was slow.

Source: baogiaothong