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The 5,000 DWT wharf of Thi Nai harbor has been suspended for delayed repair.

Thursday, 27 April 2017 01:22

On April 14,  Director of Quy Nhon Marine Administration ( Vietnam Maritime Bureau)  - Mr Bui Van Vuong  exchanged with baogiaothong and said just suspended operation Thi Nai harbor 5,000 tons slow repair damaged.

 According to Mr. Vuong, Port Authority issued a document No. 125 on the suspension of the port operation in front of the damaged 5,000 DWT wharf in Thi Nai harbor. Simultaneously, the Thi Nai Port Joint Stock Company is urgently planning to repair the damage as recommended by the testing consultant.

Previously, on April 10, Vietnam Maritime Bureau also has the Official Letter No. 1326 on the inspection of repairing damaged at 5,000 DWT wharf Thi Nai harbor after the results of periodic inspection.

Accordingly, the authorities confirmed that 5,000 DWT berths were damaged, the bottom of the jetty was shattered concrete, exposed steel structure, causing the risk of collapse of the wharf, impact To the property, life of the operators here.

 Worth mentioning, although the damage was inspected , discovered long ago; From January 1 2016, Vietnam Maritime Bureau had Document 79 which requested Thi Nai Port Joint Stock Company to repair damaged urgently in the first quarter and second quarter of 2016 but so far this requirement has not been conducted.

According to Mr. Vuong, with the decision to suspend the reception of ships into the 5,000 DWT dock, Thi Nai Port Joint Stock Company is only allowed to operate this wharf when the repair and overcoming of these shortcomings have been completed.

Source: baogiaothong