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Tuesday, 25 December 2018 03:48


After examining 20 shipping containers at Cat Lai Port, customs officers on December 6 found most of them contained industrial waste, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported.

The Saigon Port Border Customs Sub-department Region I, on December 6, collaborated with the Customs Supervision Team under the HCMC Department of Customs, the border defense force at Nha Rong Harbor and representatives of shipping lines to conduct an examination of 20 out of the total 25 containers of goods imported by Tri Quang Transportation Services Trading Co., Ltd, in District 2, following the previous confiscation of five of its cargo containers due to their storage of waste.

The investigation turned up all manner of scrap, including second-hand water pumps and water meters, electric wires, plastic bags and junk iron, which are barred from import into the country due to their high risk of causing pollution.

Earlier, at the end of October, the company had issued a customs declaration for five goods containers out of a total batch of 25, imported from Japan. The sub-department acted on its suspicions by unsealing five of the containers, which turned out to contain industrial waste.

The company had declared in its statement that the goods included machinery imported from Japan.

After the customs agency confiscated the five containers of goods, Tri Quang Company withheld further import declarations for the remaining 20 goods containers. The competent agencies investigated its listed headquarters and found it was only a car wash.

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